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Waterproofing services

Without a doubt, the foundation is the basis of any house and structure. On the reliability and strength of the foundation depends safety, the durability of the entire structure.


Foundations differ in the degree of occurrence and type, but they are all equally susceptible to negative effects of groundwater (GW), rainfall, and any other moisture.

The fact is that the concrete of which the foundation consists is hygroscopic in itself, water penetrating into the pores of the material leads to a loss of the foundation strength and ultimately destroys it.

It is not only about obvious damages caused by the freezing of water that has fallen into the depths of concrete, it is not rare that the strength of concrete is disturbed by corrosion from various species of fungi, microorganisms, a violation of the composition of the material.

To avoid the negative effects of moisture on concrete, a qualitative and timely waterproofing of the foundation is required.

Waterproofing services – A Plus Waterproofing stages

Waterproofing works – an important stage of construction and repair of premises for various purposes.

Their goal is to increase the surface resistance to moisture. The durability of the structure largely depends on the quality of the waterproofing.   

Leaks elimination

Eliminate leaks: do current repairs of waterproofing roofing and roofing If the roof of the house starts to leak, then repair can not be postponed.

Rains will expand the area of leaks, and living in such a house will not only be uncomfortable but also unsafe. Fungus and damp can “eat” the entire wooden roof base and lead to a collapse of structures. Also, moisture is the enemy of electrical wiring.

Do not wait until the matter ends with a short circuit or, worse, a fire, and identify the cause of leaks and try to eliminate them if possible.

Let these be temporary measures, but they will allow waiting for good weather conditions when it will be possible to overhaul waterproofing of the roof by professionals.

Our professionals

All kinds of work are carried out by highly qualified specialists with many years of experience. After determining the scope of work and the specificity of the task facing us, we select the equipment and materials, schedule the work, which gives an idea of how quickly they can be performed technologically.


At each stage of production of repair work, our experts monitor the quality of their performance. After the completion of the work, the results are accepted, the grinding is performed in the presence of incomplete parts and the final delivery of work to the customer.

The best

The best advertising for us is a grateful customer who will later apply and recommend us to their friends.

This is why we pay so much attention to the individual approach to work, take into account all the customer’s wishes and suggestions and can guarantee that the quality of our work will satisfy the tastes of the most demanding customer.