leaky basements solved!





leaky basements solved!

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Private dwellings in Auckland
Non-private dwellings in Auckland

*The statistics has been taken from www.stats.govt.nz

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leaky basements solved!

waterproofing basements

Waterproofing basements, garages and rumpus rooms to
make a dry usable space free from damp, mould and water.

Roof, Deck, & Gutter waterproofing

There are many membrane options available
including torch on, rubber and trafficable

Retaining wall waterproofing

It’s not worth taking risks or cutting corners when waterproofing
retaining walls. Following good waterproofing practice will see
you right, even in wet years.

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leaky basements solved!

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What clients say about us

My Architect recommended A+ Waterproofing; he had not heard of them or their work before but said give them a go. A+ came around and did my waterproofing. They were very particular and neat. The job was very good. I would recommend anyone that wants a good waterproofing company to do a very good job give A+ a call.
john engineer
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